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Snowman Picture Competition @ Sabras Listener’s Homes


A couple of weeks ago when it was cold enough to snow like we haven’t seen for years, Alpa asked you to send in your pictures of snowmen. Here are some of our favourites.

Congratulations to Riddhi Joshi, whos ‘chilling’ snowman in a chair was declared the winner!


  • snowpics09-8
  • snowpics09-3
  • snowpics09-2
  • snowpics09-14
  • snowpics09-1
  • snowpics09-7
  • snowpics09-11
  • snowpics09-15
  • snowpics09-16
  • snowpics09-4
  • snowpics09-12
  • snowpics09-6
  • snowpics09-13
  • snowpics09-9
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