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DJ: Vishal Jogiya


Breakfast (Sunday Request 9-12)

How long you been at Sabras Radio?
November 2013

When did you realise that you wanted to become a radio jockey?
The day I realised that I love to share music that I’m so passionate for.

What do you enjoy most about being on-air?
The thrill of spontaneity, and the fact I get to engage with all my amazing listeners.

Memorable on air moment:
Every moment is memorable with this job. What can i say i am a lucky man.

Favourite past time?
Dinning out and meeting interesting people from all walks of life.

Badminton, chess, pool, snooker, football.

Most important person in your life?
Parents and sisters. (I know that’s more then one person but all are equally as important)

Favourite singer?
Micheal Jackson (Hands down number 1)

Favourite song?
Mehbooba (sholay) and Billie Jean.

Favourite food?
Gujarati style Daal and rice. Simple man

Favourite drink?

Favourite holiday destination?
Have too many to list however would love to visit Dubai and New York all over again.

Favourite TV show?
Depending on which era – Dragons Den now, 24 recent times in my early days Knight Rider and Incredible Hulk (but only when he turns green).

Childhood crush?
I fall in love every two minutes, I guess things do not change…… ;)

A song you often sing in the shower?
“I’m every woman”… Joke …. “Bad” by Micheal Jackson

What do you prefer out of the following:
Gym/Diet BOTH
Stay In/ Night Out NIGHT OUT
Tea/Coffee (MASALA TEA)
Modern/Traditional BOTH
Formal/Casual Semi formal 
Shah Rukh Khan/Amitabh Bachchan… Mr Bhachchan!

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