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DJ: Raj Baddhan


Show / Designation 
Drivetime (Monday to Friday at 15:00)
Sabras Radio, Operations Manager

How long you been at Sabras Radio? 
March 2005

When did you realise that you wanted to become a radio jockey? 
Always had an interest in media and radio especially. Used to love visiting radio stations as a child and recording pretend radio shows on my karaoke machine

What do you enjoy most about being on-air? 
The interaction with listeners and playing music I enjoy most.

Memorable on air moment? 
Interviewing so many different stars and obviously my first show which was daunting but the best experience too with the response I received.

Memorable on air caller? 
Being a friend to a listener and he/she feeling happier and better is always rewarding.

Favourite past time? 
Watching TV and working out.

Studying and writing about Asian media and going cinema; love horror films and Bollywood.

Most important person in your life? 
My parents, twin brother and that one person – you know who!!

Happiest moment of your life? 
Too many to list. Anything that makes my friends and family happy is a result for me,

Favourite singer? 
Lata Mangeshkar

Favourite song? 
“Ban Jaiye” from Silsiley / “Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai” from Bheegi Palkein

Favourite food? 
Italian Cuisine

Favourite drink? 
Fruit Juices

Favourite holiday destination? 
New York

Favourite TV show?
Thrillers like 24, The Following, Big Brother, & The Good Indian Show

Childhood crush? 
Haha too many, thought I was in love all the time!! Silly me!!

A song you often sing in the shower? 
“Nazar Se Nazar” from Miley Na Mile Hum

What do you prefer out of the following: 
Stay In/ Night Out
Shah Rukh Khan/Amitabh Bachchan

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