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DJ: Dipika



Filmi Access Show (Saturday 9:00 – 12:00)

How long you been at Sabras Radio?
June 2015

When did you realise that you wanted to become a radio jockey?
When plan A for acting didn’t go swimmingly well, my passion for Bollywood Music started oozing out from within. From that I realised I had to spread the lowe.

What do you enjoy most about being on-air?
Just knowing people are out their listening to me who also share the same taste in music as me.

Memorable on air moment?
Making up the word ‘Sloft’

Memorable on air caller?
An aunty who put forward a marriage proposal.

Favorite past time?
Singing and dancing whilst cooking.


Most important person in your life?
Everyone close to me plays an important role in my life.

Happiest moment of your life?
Still yet to occur

Favorite singer?
I have many. My taste in music is rather versatile. Whoever is music to my ears.

Favorite song?
Hawa Hawai from Mr India

Favorite food?
Authentic, rustic Gujarati food or Italian. Lets just say it depends on my mood.

Favorite drink?
It’s a toss between Nimbu Paani and Falooda – the pink one! Rose, yum yum

Favorite holiday destination?
Still yet to discover

Favorite TV show?
I normally watch Filums, or whatever mum’s watching on Teevee

Childhood crush?
Candy crush.

What do you prefer out of the following:
Gym / Diet
Stay In/ Night Out
Bollywood / Hollywood – Bit of both
Tea / Coffee – Masala tea & milky coffee
Modern / Traditional – Hot chocolate or Green Tea
Black / White – Black & White
Munni/Sheila – Sheila ki jawaani without a doubt
Formal / Casual – Both
Shah Rukh Khan/Amitabh Bachchan – Both are epic legends can’t question that.

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