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Be Clear On Cancer – Abdominal Symptoms

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  • Around 288,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in England each year, and around 132,000 people die of the disease annually
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer can save lives
  • Knowing the symptoms of cancer to look out for, and going to see the doctor if you have any of them, could save your life
  • If you have tummy troubles for three weeks or more, your doctor will want to see you – you won’t be wasting their time
  • If your symptoms persist, go back to your doctor – he or she will want to know
  • If you know anyone who has diorrhoea, bloating or discomfort in the tummy area for three weeks or more, encourage them to see their doctor – it could 
be a sign of cancer

Persistent tummy troubles that can be possible signs of cancer include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Being bloated most days
  • Discomfort in the tummy area
  • Constipation
  • Nausea/feeling sick
  • Blood in your poo


If you have any of these for three weeks or more, tell your doctor. You should also see your doctor if you notice any other unusual changes, like a lump in the tummy area, post-menopausal bleeding or unexplained weight loss, as these can also be signs of cancer. It’s probably nothing serious, but if it is cancer, finding it early makes it more treatable.

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